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Rehearsal on TV Studio

Hello beraudiovisual's friends, now let us talk about TV Studio. A television production studio is in the production of highly complex, involving a lot of the production crew, equiment, and procedures that must be passed. In order for a production can run smoothly, then the rehearsal is the key. 

And the rehearsal is one step and prosdur production itself. The text below will take you, especially how the rehearsal for the television production studio. 

Rehearsal is the first stage of the pre-production when the process is completed. Rehearsal conducted by a team of production completely. Rehearsal with possible errors when shooting took place diminimalisair could not have expected even a few kesalahanpun later. Things that need to be in the rehearsal are: 

Briefing Performers 
Shot Arrangement 
Audio & Lighting 
Unrehearsed / Rehearsed Studio Production 

Television production will be the timing / time, estimated time can be predicted accurately as possible. Guide is a rundown of time that was made at the time of pre-production. In the live format, the time must surely be minute by minute and scond by scond. 

Briefing Performers 

One of the elements not a good television is how the event can make a total of scenes and dialogue in accordance script. So that such things can be achieved on all required briefing players / the event. Briefing done as much detail as possible. For example some cases even briefing not only on the content of course, because sometimes technical issue also needs to be known by the players. 


Property as part of the artistic administration must be prepared at the time of rehearsal. However, for this purpose can only use a dummy.

Shot Arrangement 

The shot could have been done at the time of rehearsal, always check the area in accordance with the shot that has been planned. With the shot can also see if the regulation is in conformity with artistic expected. Will also be related to the regulation lighting. 

Audio & Lighting 

As part of the production of audio-visual, audio and lighting must be a good attention. Always check if the audio is running correctly, because there are at least two problems that must be audio. First, the audio is in the studio area (for example the music). Second, the audio output will be used as an event. 

Procedure rehearsal 

In various types of television has almost the same during the rehearsal. There are no rules about how many times this activity is done, a great event for rehearsal sometimes done in a partial. At its core dilkakukan rehearsal to help make the process of shooting will be running smoothly. Done in a rehearsal last run Trough, according to the rundown made. There are three types of procedures done by the rehearsal penagarah events: 

Camera Blocking 

Here the director / referrer to control events from a control room. In the control room monitor is available from all the camera and monitor, and the preview program, with events such referrer can control how the camera full-placed camera. In this case the referrer will only be "down" to the field / studio if there is a case that it is very important for direct discussion with the crew. 

Floor Blocking 

Kebalikkannya Camera Blocking the method, this method of control over events referrer monitor in the studio. Thus, he could manage and direct the players to the event referrer control room during the taping. 

Problems in the rehearsal 

During the rehearsal will be many problems, even with such a mistake can be corrected as early as possible. The problem is anatara others: 


If you do not get a shot of detail, so the friction is the subject or move the camera position or zoom in to perform. Similarly, if the set is not quite fit the position, can be set digeser to dishoot with good composition. 


If the players out of position in framming the things you can do is to give "marking" on the floor. And provide direction so that the events / players not to come out of the marking was made. Sometimes the wrong direction of the camera, this can be addressed with the request for the floor manager gave the cue to be facing the camera as desired. If many errors occur in the dialogue, use cue cards, prompter, and other tools. If there is another mistake? Yes, of course, do retake. But this method only applies to the taping, not directly to the event. 

Set Design 

Design and property must be considered carefully. Sometimes property is not too obvious or even light memmantulkan excessive. To overcome this in order to set up lighting, memcarai the other corner, color back property, or property with the hose with dulling spray. Another problem in the property is the color and tone that are less good, this can also be addressed with regulation lighting or modify the background.


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