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Television and Video programs

Hello beraudiovisual's friends. Production of a television and video programs are always starting from the idea or ideas, which then poured into a script or a script. The script is a foundation that is needed to make a video and television programs of any kind. Writing a script television and video programs that are based on an idea usually have a specific purpose, namely: 
• Providing information (to inform) 
• Providing inspiration (to inspire) 
• entertaining (to entertain) 
• propaganda 
This paper will discuss about how to write a script that includes television program the steps to be implemented, the form of a script, the format of the program and how to script writing. Before you learn more about the video script writing program, you first need to know the function of the script. 

A script has a central role in the production of a video and television programs. Script function in the Production of television and video programs are as follows: 
• The concept of base (basic concept) 
• Direction (direction) 
• Preferences (reference) 

A script is a basic idea that is required in a video production program. The quality of a script is determining the end of a program. A script in general, contains a description or a description of the message or information that was delivered as the story flows, the main character figures, dramatization, role / extras, settings, and property or anything relating to the making of a video and television programs. 
A script in general used as a document that can lead director and work colleagues (crew) work completed in the video production program. Script a video program contains some information about the scenes involving actors, settings and property. Director and work colleagues need to comply with the content and flow of the story in a script 

A script can be used as reference by directors and relatives working to realize an idea or an idea into a video that communicative. All efforts in the creative director of production and work colleagues should refer to a script. 

Step by step of script writing 

Step writing a video program usually consists of a series of activities including: 
• Formulating ideas 
• Research 
• The outline 
• Writing synopsis 
• The treatment 
• Writing the script 
• Reviu script 
• finalization script 

The idea that a story will be made into television and video programs can be taken from the real story (true story) or non-fiction and fiction, or fiction. Many of the ideas can be inspired to write a script and video television. For example, the novel, the story real, and others. JFK is an example of movie film that was unearthed from one of murder of the youngest presidents in the United States. Oliver Stone, director at the same time the author uses many sources of information to make the film so that it can be bertutur objective. 
Research is needed after you have found an idea that will be made into a program. Research in this context is an effort to study and collect information related to the script will be written. Sources of information can be a book, newspaper or other publication and the person or persons who can give accurate information about the content or substance of which will be written. 

After the results of research or information collected, you can create a framework or outline of the information that you will pour into a script. Outline the general outline contains information that you will write a script. 
The next step is to make a brief synopsis or description of the program that you want to write. Synopsis and outline will help you focus on the development of ideas that you selected earlier. Synopsis of writing should be clear so that it can provide a description of the content of programs or video televis we will make. 
Must write a script based on a plan that has been created which includes the outline, synopsis and treatment. An author must have the creativity in developing a treatment to a script. Treatment that is well written with a strong foundation necessary to write a script. A treatment must include a clear description of the location, time, actors, scenes and property that will be recorded in a video program. Treatment also describes the sequence of sistematika or video or television program that will be produced. 

Writing a script is based on the treatment must be made. While in the author can write a script to make changes, but the changes should be done is not a substantive change. Changes should be creative and do not change the substance of the program. Therefore, the treatment must be firmly and clearly. In the author should consider writing a rule-rule script writing the truth. 
A draft manuscript that has been written should be completed to see the truth substansinya and also how the delivery of the message. Draft manuscript must be by people who understand the substance of the content of the program (content expert) and media experts (media specialist). 
Finalization of the script is a step before the end of the manuscript submitted to the producer and director for production. Script is the result of the final revision of the inputs provided by the expert content and media experts. 


The form of the program can be defined as an approach that is used to convey information or content of the program to the audience (audience). The form of program that is used to show videos and television programs are very diverse, namely: 
• Drama 
• Documentary 
• Talk show 
• Demo 
• musical 
• Quiz 
• Features 


The essence of a program of video and television called drama is the conflict of people - people involved (actors) in it. The program usually begins forming drama introduce the character of people - people involved in it, which was then followed by the conflict that was built in the dramatic actors are involved. Conflict is usually completed at the end of the story. The settlement of the conflict at the end of the story can be a happy ending, or vice versa. 

Is a documentary that tells about an event that was held previously. Example dokudrama film that we know is betrayal G-30s PKI been by a director Arifin C. Noer, Pearl Harbor and the works of Jerry Bruckheimer JFK. Directed and written by Oliver Stone. Film is an example - an example of the film is packed with the documentary form. 

Talk Show 
The program is a talk show program that shows the speaker, usually more than one person, to discuss a particular theme or topic. Program with the format of talk shows are usually guided by a moderator. Talk show program in order to be able to attract the audience that the speaker is involved in the program must have a different background, pro and contra, on the topics discussed. 


An example program is a form of demonstration cooking or cooking tips to make cakes and automotive. The program is usually a demonstration or a prescription dipraktekan the procedural - step-by-step. Through the form of a demo program, viewers can learn and apply the skills (skills). 


The program is a musical program that displays the music and dance as entertainment. Of course, you often see a musical program running in the television station. Many packaged programs that are used by television producers to show musical program. MTV programs such as the clip-show video clips of the popular music for young audiences. 


Other forms of the quiz program. At this time we can see a lot of TV programs in the quiz. The program usually contains shaped quiz challenge involving participants or even the audience to challenge it. Participants who successfully the challenges will get reward (prize) as a reward. Sample quiz program shaped a very known in the Berpacu melody that requires a candidate or participants to guess the title or creator of a song based on a fragment of a tone is played. Now this interactive quiz that many opportunities audience directly involved with the program running. 


Features a program that includes segments that are in the form of a presentation varies. A program shaped features usually discuss a topic of interest by using some form of presentation or the program. 


The form of a script can be classified based on the completeness of the information found therein, namely: 
• Framework script (script Rundown) 
• Semi script (Semi script) 
• Full Text (Full script) 

Rundown script is a script that contains only trace (outline) of the information will be communicated to the audience. A rundown on the script usually requires improvisation from the presenter or expert (expert), which will appear in the program. Semi script is the script that is more detailed rundown of the script. While the full script is the script that contains a complete and detailed information about the program yamg will be produced. In a full script that there is detailed information about actors, scenes. Setting and property. 

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