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Know The Hands Signal of Floor Manager / Floor Director

Floor Manager
The Floor Manager / Floor Director remains in the TV Studio during production through headphones. Are in direct communication. Bidirectional control room Director. Normally, the talent can not use the headset and does not receive instructions directly from the Director. It is the responsibility of the Floor Manager / Floor Director acts as a liaison between the Director and talent.
Since it is not practical to entrust talent orally during production, the Floor Manager / Floor Directorstands or kneels next to the camera that talent to speak and uses a system of hand signals to relay instructions of director . Although any system signal hand understandable from the floor manager and talent would work, it is recommended that you use the internationally accepted system shown in the picture.
The basic hand signals, both floor manager / Floor Director and talents must understand are listed in the following text.
1. Stand by
For a hand signal to  "stand by " floor Manager / Floor Director raises his hand and arm at the beginning of the Show or when additional subdivision.
2. Cue.
For the hand of "start talking" or "begin," the floor manager / Floor Director raises his hand and points to the talent.
3. Cut.
For the hand-signal to  "cease talking " or  "stop action, the floor manager / Floor Director pulls his hand " in his throat in a cutting motion.
4. Stretch.  
For a direct reference to  "stretch"  "it or slow down," Director floor pulling his hands together as if stretching a rubber band. The amounts are longer than the time when call manager puts his hands far apart at the end of the proposal extends; shorter time amounts when call manager puts his hands closer together.
5. Speed up.
The hand signal to "talk faster," the head of the section rotates his arm and hand clockwise in circles above his head. Speed refers to the urgency of the time.
6. OK.
For the hand signal, that "everything is in order, " the floor Manager / Floor Director is a circle with his thumb and index finger.
7. 30 seconds to go.
 The hand signal, which is 30 seconds remaining in the show segment, the floor manager / Floor Director forms the letter T in both hands.
8. 15 seconds to go
There are 15 seconds of the Show remained in the segment, and talent is doing text wraps to the hand/signal, resulting in a punch to floor Manager / Floor Director creates a movement by grabbing.
9. Speak more softly.
For hand signal to "speak more slowly" floor manager / Floor Director raises the Palm of the hand to his mouth.
10. Speak up
For a hand signal to  "speak,  ' floor Manager / Floor Director cups his hand to ear.
11. Speak or look at this camera
For the hand signal to "speak or look at this camera," floor management refers to the on-camera in his hand in the air. Waving pen motion from one camera to another, change the declarations of the talent leader is another must-air camera shot.
Floor Manager Hands Signals

Accurately and discreet when you send a signal tool. Don't spread your arms frantically in the air-this is a special MEW and mimic ability.

During the television production studio floor is usually a maze of lighting and camera cables, which may impede the movement of the camera and also be a security risk. The head of the Division must ensure that the cables are securely stored or located. In addition, he should find out from the camera operator and Director of the how much camera movement is expected.
If you cut to the talent and then cue them, you will see them waiting to begin or see action spring into life.  Cue them too early before cutting and action has begun already.  Wrong cueing leaving talent confused.  If they are finished with their piece, and you have not cut away to the next shot, they may stand there with egg on their face, so to speak, asking for ad lib or just grin!
Hand Cues or hand signals given by the Floor Manager / Floor Director by hand, are the standard method of tracking to start or stop.  Make sure that your signals can be seen by the talent and is included.  If necessary, Hand Cues basic to explain before the broadcast. Do not assume that they know what you are doing, particularly with inexperienced talent.
there are 28 signals that you have to recognize, for more pictures you can download it here.


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