Sunday, September 11, 2011

Edit a Package of Television News

Reporters used packages of news to tell a story. Format pieces are longer than the rest of the news. Weave the reporter voice, video, gaudy and natural sound to start the Viewer. It s an opportunity for the reporter and photographer and Publisher to be creative.

Editing tapes and cassettes

1. get you will edit/tape, whether to paint the tape Pack reporter  or bar work. Lay count descending.
2. wait for the reporter to save tape and audio tapes, scripts, ask him for his sound track. Too
3 Set your roll by order of the beginning to end. This means all audio, if it one SOT or nat sound or voice of the reporter trail.
4. push the audio channel 1 (A1) and video channel 1 buttons (V1). Decrease channel 2 completely. Set the audio levels so that channel 1 remains consistent.
5. set the dot on bridge records. Cue up the deck to play wherever you want. Set the in point and out point on the bridge play. Hit Edit.
6. continue to the next piece of audio and video. Continue until the entire package itself.
7. edit your b-roll now. Change the audio to two channels on the A2 to the audio. Fill in all the black hole with video

Nonlinear editing

1. Load the video editing system. If editing in Edius, for example, you will be eating real time.
2. get a script by the reporter. It would be logged in the video and sound bites.
3. listen to music, each sound reporter  "Take" as its own picture in a bin or drag it each time leave space between for this other video, go to edit quickly.
4. Drag the piece of the opening video from bin and drop it on the line. Trim it to the desired length. Continue with each piece of video, Butting them to each other.
5. adjust the volume. Keep low channel 2, unless it's  break natural sound.
6. Refine by adding transitions, such as package dissolves or wipes. Expand the last image in the video, padding. This keeps it from going into the black.

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