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Period of Films

Hello beraudiovisual's friends. The show films in Indonesia has been known in 1990, because in that cinema advertising is contained in the papers. 're Filming, was unknown in the 1910s. It was limited to documentary filmmaking, film or film news reports. In 1926, then began making films in Bandung.
Throughout its development, Indonesia has many period films.
Trying Period (1926-1937) Filming of the story that began in Bandung at that time, suffered a very severe difficulties. Because, have to deal with films that have been first imported to dominate the market. Not to mention the foreign film-making process undertaken by BESA scale.

While the film we have to crawling to touch the edge cinema, looking for what is really desired by the public at the time. So, dicobalah various shapes and stories. National Film experiencing a long dry period and full of sacrifice.
Mute Films (1926-1930) Business filming the story begins (although still a mute) by Kruger with the title "Loe-toeng Kasaroeng" (1926), followed by Carli, both are of Dutch descent: live and open businesses in Bandung.
1928 in the land of merry meeting also emerged Wong Brother's from Shanghai. Their emergence seems to attract the attention of other Chinese entrepreneurs to move in the film industry. And in 1929 stood the company in Jakarta feature film called TAN'S FILM.
Movie Talk / Night (1931) In 1929, the first talking movie playing; and even then the movie American products. Two years later, in Indonesia tried making silent films by filmmakers in the country. Remarkably, all the equipment for the filming of his own sound contrived in Bandung. Of course the quality is not too good; however, Indonesia was perhaps the first to start make movies sound in Asia.
Came the movie "Nyai Dasima" (Jakarta 1931) first sound film. Followed then "Zuzter Theresia" (Bandung 1932).
With the entry of sound into the movie gives a distinct advantage for the audience and film producer. That is because the absence of a translator of foreign words in the film with the help of text, up to the movie more acceptable to viewers Indonesia us. The audience became more interested in the films made in the country, though his voice was a little noisy. Although the film attracted many domestic products in the audience, but has not been given adequate profits. Even if there is profit, and even then only limited revenues to cover production costs.
(Mey.s. Dai various sources-FFI Catalog 1981


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