Monday, August 1, 2011

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Hello beraudiovisual's friends. Adobe Premiere is one of the software is popular and widely used
in video editing. There is the same interface of Adobe Premiere with Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe After Effects is to provide convenience in use, image - the image can prepared with Adobe Photoshop and effect - special effects can also be prepared from adobe after effect.

Basic introduction

Previous Ensure that Adobe Premiere Pro already installed, now we start by opening the Adobe Premiere Pro Go to Start> Programs> Adobe> Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere will ask us whether we will open the file existing, or creating a new file for this exercise we will make a new file.

And subsequently appeared with the New Project window by clicking on the Custom tab
Setting, In the General frame, since we we'll make a better video file we choose
- Editing Mode Video for Windows,

- Time base 25.00 frames per second, In Frame Video we fill
- Frame size 720h: 576V
- Frame rate: 25.00 frames / second
- Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV PAL In Frame Audio we fill:
And if it will save this setting we press the button SavePreset, we fill it name and descristion, and  utomatically we will look at the settings tab Load Preset, we save the project file (ex: training) it’s up to you determine the location of the project file us.
 Now we enter Project exercises

Project windows consists of 3 main windows:
1. Project windows, a place to store the project file
2. Monitor windows, is the place to see the video, which we edit in the timeline
3. Timeline windows, we make the process of editing place

Import File

To make editing a video, first we import our files to need, by clicking File menu> Import (Ctrl + I) or right click on windows project and select import, here we are biased to import video files, audio and image. In the project we can make Bin the windows (like folders in Windows Explorer).


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