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Methods of Casting

In cooperation with the Script Writer

The first thing is done when the director will make a film is working with the author. Here sutaradara provide interpretation on the script that has been didevelop manuscript by the author. In fact, some directors are involved in writing the script back into a final script. Previous cooperation can be conducted between the director, writer, and producer. This involved cooperation with the term tri angle system.

Director Billy Wilder said: "Not too need a director able to write a script, but the most important, how the director should be able to read the script. Not easy to say in an author, "What does this mean, I do not get anything out of this script?."

Through this approach, and good relationship with the author between director, made the two professions to be a collaboration that is also good. director can become a co-writer and author of a script can imagine how a film menyutradari. Therefore, the author is not a little script can be a director. Differences between the two functions it can co-exist with each other.

Director Robert Mulligan have a different approach in this case, "No director should all write, but each author is expected to be mendirect. I did not write the words to paper in a (script), but I collaborate with the author secra effectively with the step-by-step way. When in the movie have a shot, I show on the author. If I have my ideas and proposals are serious. But I know that the correct decision in my hands. "

Conducting Casting

Film casting is the art behind the art, and it requires an eye and a deep feel for the talent or just the one intuitive perception of that one thespian who is the perfect choice to fill that one role in the film.

Sederhananya casting is the determination of the analysis based on a script for production. If the director has determined shooting date (assuming, of course, agreed with the producer), the next concern is the determination of the players (actors). Correct that there is a problem casting yankni take a casting department / casting Departement. But many in the film project, director fully involved in the process of casting this.

There are many methods of casting, including:

1. Casting by Ability

Based on the best selected for the role of key / primary and high difficulty.

1. Casting to Emosional Temprament

Choose a player based on personal observations of life, as have many of the same or a match with the role (of the same emotions, temprament, customs etc.).

This method of casting as many made by the Hollywood film.

1. Casting to Type

Elections based on the physical suitability of the players (high-body, body weight, body shape, etc.)

d. Casting against type

Elections to the character or physical, against this type of generality man often called the conventional casting education.

e. Therapeutic Casting

Determining a player or against the perpetrators of character with the original intent and purpose to cure or reduce the UNSTABIL soul.


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