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Jobs List Of Film Production (Part 4)

Soundman: A man was going to be responsible for managing the necessary votes in filmmaking. Including measuring the strength of the boom in capturing the sound recording when shooting.

Ass. Soundman: A person who assists the Soundman to carry out their duties. Although the U.S. is an Oran which will go directly to check and adjust the power of sound in the recording process of shooting.

Graphic Designer: Is a person who has the task to design for all requirements in the production of films related to the graph. Including cover design makes the film cassette when they wanted to be marketed. Because it is a graphic designer does not arbitrarily make the cover tape. But there must be a correlation between the film's story with the cover, but it also can make people see the cover so interested to see the movie. Then the graphic designer will work under the producer marketing department.

Music Illustration: In this job an MI will be tasked with finding and which will determine the music that will be used in filmmaking. But it should also look at the theme, story ideas, and the atmosphere that existed at the film, so that between story and music to rhythm and for the audience will feel able to enjoy it.

Boom Operator: A man was on duty carry, organize, and direct the boom on the objects that were photographed. This was done to clarify the sound occurs when recording, because it will happen probably low sound. That will make between images and sounds do not match.

Talent Coordinator: A person who has a very tough task to help the director to master talent or the existing cast. This is so that when the drop occurs on the psychic talent does not mengganngu mood, mental, and the desire to showcase the role desired by the director. This often happens when a film production halted due to a constraint, and the talent loses his mood to continue shooting / take.

Still Photography: A man was in charge of perpetuating the image that qualify as documentation. And usually a SP will work with the script department continuity and cover designer. Because no connection between that department.

Main Title Designer: A person who is responsible for creating and designing the main title is required in a film that is being tilled. Including the credits roll, opening title and closing title. Because a good title will also bring in a filmmaking success. But still there must be relevance between the two.

Behind The Scene Director: A man was in charge of making a film base stations. With the intent and purpose to be able to see and correct the deficiencies and what to look for the perfection of making a film. So in other kesmpatan can take the experience contained on behind the scenes are made.

General Workman: Workman Usually in general there are a lot of people. Because GW has a very diverse tasks, depending on what the department needed help from the General Workman. So GW could be called sie. Super busy in the production of a film.

Generator Operator: A person who is responsible for managing the generator if needed. Because if there is shooting off site that does not exist then the flow of electricity needed to turn the generator for lighting, video control, and all necessary tools in filmmaking that uses the services of electricity. Included in the event of a power failure, generator operators must be alert to mengidupkan genset to the film production is not inhibited.

Catering Coordinator: A man was in charge of preparing and managing the necessary food or consumption during production. For example when shooting schedule breaks and lunch time, the catering coordinator serving food should be ready for lunch. Likewise, the other breaks. Usually catering department coordinator works under the ass. Producer.

Driver: This is a duty to always be ready to take and carry tools and other items used in film production. Included in the event of transfer of production sites.

Crane Operator: A person who is in charge of preparing the crane if necessary.

Dolly Operator: A person who is in charge of running the dolly if necessary. And when the dolly is needed, then the director will soon be a member to Dolly Operator command to quickly create and prepare the rails and carry out the dolly under the direction of the director.

Jimmy Jip Operator: A person who operates the Jimmy Jip duty if needed.


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