Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jobs List Of Film Production (Part 3)

Property: A man was in charge of looking for all the goods or anything relating to the artistic. Although usually preformance of filmmaking using properties that are difficult to find, then a property will initiate the desired goods or equipment, or bring in tools from a distance in film for smooth production.

Technical Director: It is a charge of checking all the equipment that smells preformance techniques of making a film. If problems occur on the tools used will be the responsibility of a TD, although working with Director Engineer, and Electricians, depending on what tools the problems faced.

Ass. Technical Director: A person who will help to check all the equipment associated with the technique in film production. And a super fast ATD must work to overcome technical problems that exist, so that the production process does not stop long. So it does not disrupt plans have been made by the producer.

Engineer Director: It is an expert in the field engineer (machinery). Who shall serve to check and repair the damage that use machine tools, after receiving the command from the technical director.

Ass. Engineer Director: A person who assists the ED to address the problem of existing machinery. And in practice, an AED is a direct jump to to repair all the damage that occurs engineer.

Casting Director: A person who is in charge of looking (to casting) talent or a cast that will portray the character in a movie. But a CD is also still consider the director of command and desire to recruit talent. So it will get a talent that can be portrayed in the film with good characters that are intended on the manuscript and desired by the director.

Ass. Casting Director: A person who will assist the task of a CD seeking talen / cast is desired, although an ACD will work directly in the field for selecting.

Electrician: It is an expert in the field of electricity that will be on duty to check all the means of production-related electricity, an electrician will also be assisted by technical director and director engineer, because mutual each other.

Ass. Electrician: A task that will help the electrician in the electric field when an issue occurs. And AE will plunge into the field immediately to cope with the guidance of chef electrician.

Clapper: A man was on duty at the time will show kliper shooting. And a Clapper has also served to replace the existing text in kliper. Like the turn of the scene, shoot, and take.

Script Continuity: It is a duty to observe and document a shooting. So there is no jumping at every follow-up scene in the movie. So if there is an ambiguous image in the shooting, then it is the fault of a SC which is less detailed story see the sequence of a scene being photographed. So to become an SC should have a thorough and tenacious nature.


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