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Jobs List Of Film Production (Part 2)

Director Of Photography: It is a right hand of a director on the picture imaging. Because a DOP will determine what angle to be used on film shoots. And a DOP must understand the basics and the meaning of an angle in filmmaking. So between the story, atmosphere, and the shooting technique is not ambiguous. As this will be felt if the film was finished. The audience will feel less fit to see an image that is not harmonious with the atmosphere and story.

Ass. Director Of Photography: An ass. DOP has a duty to help a DOP. But helping the implementation of the field when the film production runs. Ass. DOP will direct and give the intention of the angle used to the director, cameramen, and artistic. So there will be harmony between the attitudes, images, meaning angle and background.
Story Boarder: A man was in charge of making images that have been designed according to the angle made by a DOP yag and intent of a director, but it will also provide insight to the artistic team for arranging and setting the place (venue) as contained in the image created by a story boarder.
Ass. Story Boarder: An Ass. SB is a waterfall that will give direction to the concerned (director, cameramen, artistic). While the SBE will act as the conceptor only.

Cameramen: A mainstay of the trust director to take a picture that has been in concept by the SW and Director. While the shooting should be according to shootlist have been made by a DOP. And his duties with the help of illustrations of a Story Boarder.

Ass. Cameramen: A man who helped take pictures of the other blade but still with a guide shootlist made a DOP. Because if the film-making requires more than one camera, then an Ass. Cameramen who was in charge of implementing it.

Editor: It is a mainstay of director on the film editing. Since in the editing process this will result mempenaruhi last couple of films, whether good or bad. Because of an editor should be able to give the impression of perfection in the film, if there are pictures or kuran low either. And the editor was a man who would become the deciding success or failure of the film when it was marketed.

Ass. Editor: His task help an editor make a sequence of frames in the desired and expected by a director. So preformance practice an editor is the drafter, and an Ass. The editor is the executor.

Sound Editor: It is an expert in the field of sound to be inserted in each frame on the film done.

Ass. Sound Editor: A man who served as the executor of the will to use audio editing film preformance. Including if sprinkle sound effects if the original sound is not feasible to include in the frame. So the task of Ass. SE is looking for, create, annotate other effects similar to effects / sound of the original.

Special Effects Editor: A person who is in charge of making the desired special effects such as a director but still sticking to the script there yan. Although a SEE is the conceptor.

Ass. Special Effects Editor: A man was helping the SEE to find, create, and provide the desired special effects such as a director. These special effects have more value in a film, because it will give a strong character in the film that can not be generated through the camera shots.

Chef Lighting: A master of lighting in film production. Although usually a chef is only as a drafter and lighting director lightingman it.

Lightingman: It is a chef who will help arrange the lighting to the required light in every scene in the making of a film. And lightingman work according to the direction of Chef Lighting as the conceptor.

Art Director: trust is an expert in the field of artistic director. Art Director will lead a department that is in the shade. (Makeup, stylish, set builder, wardrobe, properties).

Make Up: It is an expert makeup contained on the art department in charge make up the cast is desired by scenario / script and director.

Stylish: It is a grammar expert stylish / hair that will be tasked with realizing the scenario and the director wants. Gives the same impression with the manuscript.

Set Builder: It is an expert in arranging space and property used in the filming. But the story board should look at existing, as well as shootlist that has been made so as not to be confused with the manuscript.

Wardrobe: A man was in charge of determining the costumes and clothing worn by a cast in a movie scene. But considering the manuscript, and the story.


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