Monday, July 25, 2011

Jobs List Of Film Production (Part I)

Beraudiovisual's friends, when we're watching a movie, then we must know who the people are behind the film. The following is a list of jobs in film production.
Cast: A cast character in a story to be filmed. A cast will perform his duties as a figure who has been determined by a text story. With a plot that has been written by the playwright. In addition, a cast must portray the character and expression with the direction of a Director.

Story Idea: An idea that makes the story will be filmed. Usually a story idea also had a role in making the manuscript
. Script Writer: It is a playwright who has got the acc from a story idea to create your manuscript story. Because a script writer should be able to get a taste (feel) the manuscript made the story.

Ass. Script Writer: A helper script writer. Usually an Ass. SW will be typing and writing it. So the SW can also be called a conceptor, was the realization is ass. SW.

Executive Producer: A exc. Producer is a leader and regulator of all activities in filmmaking. Producer also managing finances, making shooting schedule, and other problems in the domestic production of a film. In addition, producers must prepare a plan. For example plan A, plan B, plan C, even up to tens plan. This is so that if the main plan failed, then the stock plan will be used, because in order for a production is not chaotic rundown of his schedule as planned. So a producer must be sensitive to the problems and constraints in a film production, and soon took the decision to act, so that production remains smooth.

Ass. Producer: Is a person who assists the work of a producer. AP is usually called the unit manager. So the task is a unit manager of financial and management problems. While a producer is only as the head in the production of a film.

Marketing Producer: A producer marketing division. That is, those in charge of marketing a film to the public so that the film can be enjoyed by the audience. A producer maketing very influential on behavior or failure of a film market.

Director: It is one with the second highest position after the producer. A director is the leader of all the crew in the production of a film. In addition to the creator of a movie scene, directors also must master the technical and non technical in filmmaking. So almost all aspects of film production must be controlled by a director, including in matters of film editing. Seoran director also has the task to accompany a preformance editor to edit the film, so the story remains film preformance largely what a film director as a drafter.

Ass. Director: A man was helping the duty of a director. But usually an ass. Director is the person who deal directly with the cast / characters. Including directing styles, expressions, gestures and other body, after receiving the command from an executive director.


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