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Characteristic of Psychic ("How to build characters in the film" PART 2)

Beraudiovisual's friends, earlier I mentioned about the Characteristic of Physical. Now let's look at other characteristics of the film, which is Characteristic of Psychic. Characteristics that should be be explained within the scope of this are about the psychic condition in general, about the character, temperament, ability and imagination and sensitivity.

General Conditions
nervously biting his nails

General psychic condition are, whether the psychic condition is stable or has crashed. Disorders that result in a rather indecisive person, or a bit impulsive, then was considered normal. But the need is expressed in physical motion characteristics, such as frequent blinking, or frequently to remove his hand with a handkerchief as his palms are always wet, or fast becoming a stutter. Especially if he were facing tensions. Incorporating unusual movements as experienced actors psychic picture story, may be a unique feature of the relevant figures.

if trained a little, it will be great

Talent is the ability of a person's inherited, innate, such as artistic talent, talent leads, trade. That is, these people are easy to work in the field that had been mentioned. Talented people singing, melodious voice immediately, if trained a little, it will be great, according to his talent level. Maybe her mother or grandmother was a singer.
This talent is something that is commonly known to people in general. If the audience knows that the little girl Lola who is not gifted to sing, her voice flat, his mother was forced to take singing lessons so she could be like Whitney Houston, then the audience can soon expect a disaster for Lola.

The ability of Imagination
The ability of imagination is actually a talent too, but we separate them because it might have from hard work and so on, until he was able to imagine new products or new forms of business. But beginners are successful, certainly has the talent to himself.
A village headman who has the imaginative ability, has many ideas to develop the village and its people by using the self that he created himself. Medium, another headman who graduate but do not have any imagination, just a lot of complaining because he has received development funds are too small.
parents may be insensitive

People who have a sense is a person who is easy to feel symptoms he faced. Easy to understand that his neighbor was annoyed by his family. Or he's easy to feel the suffering of the people around him.
A pair of parents may be insensitive, can not feel pain and loneliness experienced by their children, because both are too busy with their own business. Insensitivity of parents like that at all abnormal. All parents in the village which is still normal, certainly can not justify the insensitivity of parents to their children. Because, usually the parents must be very fond of their children. Especially mothers. Such insensitivity is caused definite psychic shocks of big city living conditions are harsh.
Character is formed by nature

Important Character
Character are trait that settle to someone, such as diligent, lazy, ill-tempered, timid, shameless, patient, extroverts (introverts), low self-esteem, pride, confident (confident that low / high / excessive, and such). Character is formed by nature and impact received during his years. That need to be disclosed in the story alone would have been an important character of the characters, which were linked with the story. Nature received from parents. Being, the influence that include education, experience, fun and hard, strong influences it receives, the influence of the environment, work environment, the environment hobbies, and so on.

The spirit of life
High-spirited person

High-spirited person would struggle to achieve his goals. But person who spirit of life is weak, he will easily break when faced with obstacles. That is, a zest for life are directly related to the power of one's action. Thus, it is required to be disclosed in the scenario, especially with the example of follow-horn, so the audience can anticipate in form of struggle that will be conducted by leaders in the fight against the obstacles.

That explanation of the characteristics of psychic. Next, we'll see about the characteristics of the mind, to next article. Up here, there are not you understand? hopefully can help you to be able to produce better film.


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