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Characteristic of Physical ("How to build characters in the film" PART 1)

Beraudiovisual's Friends, do you know that the audience would be interested in watching a movie if the characters were interesting. That is, the characters are not ordinary characters but can be accepted by the audience.

Does it should be the real figures?
Who can say Rambo figure, McGyver, or the character James Bond was real? They accepted only by the imagination of spectators. Precisely figure who really real at times even difficult to accept the audience because of the lack of supporting information that can make it interesting.
James Bond is not a real figure

Spectators can be made interested in the figures, if the characterization of these figures is made clear. In general, basic information about the characters that need to be disclosed to the audience is to include:

1. characteristic of the physical / biological
2. characteristic of psychic
3. characteristic of the mind
4. characteristic of cultural

Let us begin to discuss one by one. First of all, are physical characteristics / biological.
Physical characteristic are included name, age, height, weight, physical specificity, body movements, facial expressions, etc..
Person's name is also sometimes able to explain the ethnic origin and may also show interest and social level. People with the name Kris Patikawa could soon be known by almost all the audience from which the region of origin, especially Pardjo Legowo. Try to guess the origin of the Edi Silitonga, Michelle Kim, and Erick Catwalk. Predictable is not it?


The person whose name Sarimin, for Javanese show he came from below, different from the person whose
Name is important
name Joyokusumo. Named Ahmad, Aisha, and so on, shows the character of a family close to the Islamic religion. Characters that use the name Westernized, have a tendency as Christians, especially if it has a baptismal name. Robert Tanumiharja or Michael Bunawan be thought to have come from ethnic Chinese, because adapting the Tan clan and Bun.
 So naming the character (fictional) should be considered in order to give effect to the audience an understanding of these names. That name should be easily pronounced by the player. If the name is hard to say, it will make the pronunciation of the name is not so clear from the mouth of the actor. Avoid names of actors in a movie about the same sound, this will cause confusion to hear, such as the name Elin and Elen, or there are two characters named Ira and Fira.

Age makes a different character
Age is very important to be disclosed in the scenario. So that the reader, either director or actors, can make interpretation of the attitude and manner appropriate response. Since Angelica is 17 years old will have a different attitude in front of his father's employees, compared with 30-year-old Angelica.

Determination of age of these players should be supported by any form of action the offender. That is, if the actors is determined 35 year-old Brenda and normal psychic, then all behavior must be described that she was a normal woman in that age normally. Different if it is determined that he was flirtatious, but it should also be flirtatious age of 35 years. If she's sassy as a child of 17 years, people would say the character is weak.

How tall, weight, and specificity of physical shape is also important to apply to the scenario. Tall, short, skinny, sexy, slim, tall, stocky, would greatly affect one's attitude. A stocky usually knows himself, if he applies flirty,

Identification of diferent physic
then the character has a disability, otherwise it will upset the audience. Burly-looking man or woman who is beautiful body, would seem more confident. But it certainly could have been a well-built, it would seem weak with mental disorders has. Seven Samurai movie makes character with thick dimension by creating a character, but emaciated fighting experts.

Appearance is very important to explain, because the tall, skinny, short, only sectoral information. Appearance are totality that can represent the personality of the characters. It could be a physically less, giving the appearance of sympathetic and impressive, while the flawless looks and athletic body, looking obnoxious.

Body movement
Movement actors are often not included in many of our scenarios. Until the pages of the scenario there was
only a dialogue, as in the dramatizations. Actually, in a conversation scene, shall be shown how the dialogue is spoken and how the responses given in the action. When John insult to Steve, and who despised it just take it easy, then the audience will make an important interpretation of the Steve. Questions can be answered with action, should not the dialogue again. Actor can be ordered to move to give break to answer, or delay the answer to increase the tension.


Facial Expressions
Facial expression are reflection of the psychological disorder. Even his health condition. At the very least,
need to explain what the expression is, in outline, and if there are typical. As expressions of fierce, scary, cool, cloudy. It can also be combined with each other. with facial expressions as opposed to the mental condition. For example, a person known as a detractor, but his face is always shown friendly smiles. But of course the actor should be able to transform the face is always smiling and the audience still able to capture that character portraying the slanderers. Eyes as well so have an important role. Screenwriter must include a good description that can be turned on by the actor who plays a relevant role, so the audience can give the right perception, even without the help of dialogue.

Some of the above is included in the physical characteristics / biological. The next characteristic we will discuss in next article
characteristic of psychic. How? Can be understood? If there are less understood, or there are additional, please comment: D


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