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Important Points Before Writing The Scenario

Suit yourself while writing
Beraudiovisual’s friends, are you learn to write scenario this time? If yes, then there are some things you must know before writting scenarios. The scenario is the most important element in a film production (television) because it is a necessary element  earliest as a draft to make a film.
Basic story
Before creating the scenario, we need to know what we write. You do not immediately rush, the first scene. The first thing we need is the basic story (basic story), a statement of who, when, why, where and how the things we want to create a scenario. Basic story, we can also express as a summary of the general or global view.

In a scenario that we create, numbers will appear. We need to recognize and deeper. Worth a lot. We know how to figure the dialogue, thinking and acting. We will know how the hero would solve the problem. Also, conflict as between one character with another character.
In this phase, the player search (casting), explanations of characters is also very helpful to have created the appropriate player to play the character. In addition to the player himself will be easier to understand the character he was playing.
For the development of character, we can do this by providing data on: the full name and calls, religion, age, familial relationships and friendships, favorite (science, movies, music, sports, reading, eating), physical characteristics, intelligence, fashion style, manner of speaking, properties, houses and others.

Set / Location
To create a scene, we must determine the sets and locations (where the scene takes place) in advance. This will allow us to determine the scene. What do you do, the position where, from where, where watched, or to see in which direction.
The scene takes place, which could be built on the studio sets, such as living in the house like a porch, a living room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or we use a part of building a proper home. The definition is not always to be home, but also the road or elsewhere.
Explanation of this sentence, but are useful for us in the scenarios also useful as a guide for the set builder sets in the studio or production unit for the building to building, which will serve as a set to meet the requirements of the scenario to find suit.

Before writing the script, we must ensure that the story creates a script. Not invent a story if the scenario is created. The history we can give a succinct but contain elements of character, time and place of incident, problem, problem and solution development. This is a summary.

Chronology Stories (Story Line)
If the summary, which we have made, will be developed into a scenario for a TV show with a duration of 24 minutes, we describe it again in a summary of the plot (plot) in four rounds (ACT) with a calculation interrupted the radio commercials will be as much as three times divided.
The purpose of the act is to developmental disorders and dramatic elements that can create are completed in one phase in each fragment sequence that ads less intrusive and creates a scene at the end that makes the audience want to know the rest.

hopefully with a few points above, it can help Beraudiovisual’s friends to be able to write a better scenario. Do not forget, Suit yourself while writing.


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