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Canon XF300 and XF305: Professional Camcorder for Professional Production.

Hello beraudiovisual's friends. It is not hot news, but it is important! Canon introduces two new professional camcorder, XF 300 XF 305 is a gift. Two of the latest innovations based camcorder professional video and film production for the article will be hired. Newcomers to the rank of this camcorder compact flash card (CF) can be written directly to the roll-out is a professional camcorder.

Combining video, audio and metadata into a single file, Canon 305 XF 300 and XF using MXF (Material Exchange Format), which is an open format. This format is useful to maximize compatibility with existing video non-linear editing system. Video recording format MPEG-2 Codec Canon also produces high-quality digital video with bit rates up to 50 Mbps. Specifically for Canon XF 305 is also equipped with features Genlock output terminal, Time Code and HD / SD-SDI terminal, which serves to produce a variety of video cameras and 3D films.

Canon Camcorder 305 XF 300 and XF uses MPEG-2 Full HD (4:02:02) file-based recording codec to produce a professional video with crisp detail at a resolution of 1920 x 1080p (Full HD). With three Canon original CMOS sensor ditanamkannya, both camcorders are claimed to produce digital video with natural color gradation.

Canon Camcorder XF 305 XF 300 and lens 4.1 mm - 73.8 mm lens equivalent to 29.3 mm - 527.4 mm in 35mm format camera. This lens has a 18x zoom ratio so that comes with Manual Focus mode can be set easily by the user. Canon also uses IP-UD Lens (Dispersion-High Index, Ultra Low) and aspherical which serves to reduce noise to provide a sharp color and compact size. Lens also is integrated with new forms SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer system (OIS) feature Powered Dynamic mode and increase the performance of the sensor to produce a focus more quickly.
Canon-performance XF 305 XF 300 and feel much stronger because it comes with swappable dual card slots and UDMA CF card which allows file transfer to PC / laptop with you. To support the use of XF Codec Canon, Canon worked with major software developers like Adobe, Apple, fans and Grass Valley. This is to ensure unity between the camcorder with the software programs which are often used in film production, video production and broadcasting industry.

Canon XF300 and XF305

Another special two Digic III processor, professional camcorders use the DV required to capture the natural colors accurately. Innovative strength DIGIC DV III processor Face Detection technology, features, where users can specify the primary interface in the video group and automatically focus on the main page, even if the subject is moving.

Both camcorders are also designed for maximum comfort and flexibility. Design Canon 305 XF 300 and XF allows users to take video images without holding strong in the arm fatigue. Both are also equipped with LCD 4-inch 1.23 million dot resolution monitor that can rotate and can be placed anywhere, either right or left side of the body to further facilitate the camcorder also see the video taken of the position to make a video most difficult.
Visual Advantage XF 305 XF Canon camcorders. 300 and sound perfected by the flexibility offered. Features built in microphone and two XLR inputs it has external audio sources that can catch, so the resulting sound quality is clear and sharp sound. Canon XF XF 300 and 305 also supports 16-bit PCM audio at 48 kHz with a level of audio adjustments automatically and manually.
LCD monitors are both brand new camcorder also provides a display Built-in Memory waveform and Vectorscope to help achieve the level of exposure and color accuracy when shooting video. Not only that, the LCD monitor can also show the focus and zoom the image, allowing the user to confirm the object in HD format. Equipped with an electronic viewfinder 1.55-megapixel camera, professional video camera provides the highest resolution in its class for critical focus and 100 percent coverage in appearance.
Present through PT Datascrip as sole Canon products distributor in, Canon XF 300 priced at IDR 79.65 million. While Canon 305 XF marketed at a price of IDR 90.81 million.

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