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Hello beraudiovisual's friends. Brainstorming same author is a script, find the players have been through the casting, then the preparation must be done especially with a director? 

Discussions with crew 

Yes, discussions with the other crew is not less important. One is a discussion with Art Artistic Director alias Playground. Some directors like to make sketches and happy, this is a material that can be discussed with an artistic Playground, although the sketches can still be shaped elemeter only. An artistic Playground will provide input and ideas set to be built. While the idea of governance artitistik be a director or art director himself. Producers are usually also involved, because the administration will deal with the artistic problems budgeting. 

Director also discussed with the Organized camera or DOP (Director of Photography). Composition, angle, camera movement, are discussed in detail. Some camera director sometimes operate their own, such Director Dimas Jay and Rudy Soedjarwo in several films. 

Shooting Schedule 

Scheduling shooting after director to breakdown the script, in this case the director is usually assisted by the Assistant director. When the assistant director to make lay out shooting schedule, one thing which the attention is the page that has been given a script page numbering, where the director can make the image / shooting. 

Location selection 

Elections location shooting is important. Some movies are made with the actual location, as described in the script. However, in fact sometimes location shooting "should be adjusted" with a budget that had been budgeted producers. Because of several factors, the location shooting the film "Ayat-Ayat Cinta", which should be conducted in Egypt, were forced to move to India and several locations in Indonesia. In Hollywood on business there, the location shooting is not seribet in Indonesia, because they have a studio that is also fully in India. For example, for setting the supermarket they live studio bersetting supermarkets. Now I in Indonesia? we do not have a studio like it there. For shooting with the settings in the supermarket before we use a real supermarket. Yes, of course, this certainly requires special handling.


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