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Multicamera Shooting Format

Hello beraudiovisual's friends. If a production is divided based on the camera used, then there are two types, the first television production using a camera or singlecam system, if the second production using more than one camera, multicam system. There are many differences between the two systems, both in the equipment used and the process works. If a television production can be made with the system singlecam, why should there multicam? 

Multicamera shooting format is using more than one camera, linked through a system that is integrated. So, if using more than one camera when not integrated with one another then the format has yet to be classified as multicam system. Sedangnkan terms of delivery can be broadcast directly (live) or pause live (live on tape). The type of television that multicamera use of them: talkshows, sitkom, game shows, music shows, quizzes, magazine, variety show. 

Unlike the system singlecam, equipment used in multicam far more complex, much of the equipment used. At least under this equipment is used in the shooting with multikamera system. 

* Cameras 
* CCU / Camera Control Unit 
* Vision Mixer / Switcher 
* Monitor 
* Video Tape Recoder 
* Character Generator 
* Waveform 
* Talkback 
* Teleprompter 
* Audio Mixer 
* Audio Set / (Clip On, Boom Mic, etc.) 

All equipment on the divided into two places, ie, in or in the studio and on the Master Control Room / MCR. 


In general there are three types of cameras used for television production, that is, the camera ENG or Electonic News Gathering. ENG camera appropriate name usually used for coverage in the field or outdoor. The second is the type of camera or EFP Electronic Field Production, which is a type of camera dipeuntukan production for both indoor and outdoor. And the third is a studio camera, which is the type of camera that is designed for the studio that is usually used with the indoor location. 

Then the camera which is used in multicam system? In fact almost all of the camera can be used in the production sitem multikamera. However, the most commonly used, of course, is a studio camera or at least the camera EFP. Due to the two types of camera, especially on the studio camera features that can be fully integrated with one another. 

CCU / Camera Control Unit 

This is a tool that can control some functions of the camera. Which can be controlled or replaced its function through this tool are the lighting (brightness contrast), color temperature (color temperature), speed (SHUTTER speed), white balance, color and hue (red, green, blue). Number of CCU used exactly the same number of cameras used for each camera is controlled by the CCU. 

Vision Mixer 

One tool to manage the complete selection of images with different types of transitions. Many types of vision mixer, from the most simple, which only has three sources with a single source input ouput up with the most complete source of tens of input and output. The tool is shaped keyboard with many buttons with their respective functions. 


Work to see the visual display produced from the camera. A large monitor that is used, of course, depends on how the camera used. There are a variety of sources monitor the camera, preview monitor, and monitor the end results. 

VTR / Video Tape Recorder 

VTR / Video Tape Recorder or also called VCR / Video Cassette Recorder is used to record the results of shooting. There are two types of VTR used the VTR is used to record and VTR is used to show the source / video play back that have been made previously, also known as VT. 

Character Generator 

Also called the CG or Chargen, is to create and display the title, sub title. And the required graphic impression in television production. There is a keyboard-shaped dihugungkan directly to the vision mixer, there is also a unit beerbentuk stand-alone computer that can be linked to the vision mixer. 


This tool is used to measure the quality of the video produced by each of the camera and VT. Can also be used for audio. Waveform graphic display of a parameter or the reference that can be used whether the quality of video and audio expectations are appropriate or not. 


For means of communication between the crew involved in the production of a television multikamera with the necessary means of communication. This vital tool called talkback. Unlike the camera ENG, EFP in camera and camera studio, talkback be integrated directly on the camera. Talkback consists of the microphone and headset. 


Not all production multikamera need this tool, it depends on the type of events produced. This is a tool for the anchor of the event or to convey information. One set of equipment consists of a monitor that is integrated in the camera and a computer unit in the MCR. 

Audio Mixer 

The voice is done using audio mixer, which not only set a high volume of low sound produced but includes various audio overall. 

This is how Peralatan Integrated? 

As described above that one of the terms of a production dikatan using multicamera system, when each tool is integrated with one another. The simple skematik are as follows: The camera is connected to the CCU, CCU's entry to the source input Vision Mixer, Mixer's Vision issued through VTR


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