Friday, September 16, 2011

The Most Powerful Weapon of Filmmaker

The most important low-budget filmmaker is creative mind. It all starts with the original idea, there is a question of nourishment that thought until it grows to be a great idea. After that, it's something to this idea of making the film in every ounce of energy and resources, you may be able to bring up.

Movies are the most successful film festivals these days with films that were made in a fraction of the cost required to make a major Hollywood film studio. Technological advances have made that anyone can make a film. Film cameras, video cameras, sound recording equipment, and almost any other type of equipment you need to make a film can be bought at a very affordable price today. The computer that is available these days can provide a low-budget film with a very low production value that looks like James Cameron had something to do with the project. This professional look, along with a unique story can help any film likely to be accepted into film festivals such as Busan Film Festival, AVFEST (AVIKOM Festival), Toronto Film Festival, Sundance, etc.

Try as they might, the major Hollywood film studios never have a monopoly on creativity. They spend millions of dollars on search marketing in an effort to understand exactly what the audience of the film is the appearance of the world when they go to the films. Despite these efforts, we still have not found a formula. The tastes of the people going to the films are hard to predict how an earthquake is on the ground changes all the time. Because of this, the door remains open for creative professionals in the world to enter the game. All you need to do is come up with a unique idea that can turn into a film, enter your film in festivals such as Sundance, and then let the judges decide. While large studies have attempted to take over the festival circuit in recent years, provided the children with small, however, films are king creative in this realm.

It does not cost as much as you might think to make a film, that you can participate in competitions such as the Sundance Film Festival. Sony plans to release a line of high-definition camcorders that are perfect for those who want to make films with small budget. Even if the films are made of these cameras is described as a "film" (as the films were from the beginning), are (almost) seem to have been. These new cameras are able to provide high quality images, which is comparable to the image that the film offers. Two cameras are the PDW-F330 and PDW-F350, and offer all types of film properties, even the most faithful to the film a professional director to be respected. Both cameras offer true 24p recording in SD or HD, interval recording of shooting and recording a pair of lenses. F350 model also offers true variable frame rate recording which is also called "slow motion / fast motion" features.

Features like this are invaluable for anyone to make a low budget film, because it allows them to include motion effects in their films without the help of a cheap film camera or a film lab to high prices . Both cameras will be on the market in March 2006. The F350 costs about 25 000, while the F330 model will cost only about $ 16,000. PDW-F30 decks will be available in June through the 9000th These are small prices to pay to be a self sufficient independent filmmaker.

A filmmaker on a budget you can invest in an HD video camera and relatively cheap housing and have everything you need to make films as well as the mind and body can handle. All you need after a creative mind, a few thousand dollars, some friends of his actors and ambitious team, the screenwriting software such as Final Draft and a strong desire to make a film. They do not have to worry about the high cost of film, developing film, or film to DVD transfer. All you need is your camera and a $ 30 drive (23.3 GB) and will be filming an entire film. Buy a camera records is much cheaper than the films and buying all the baggage that comes with it financial.

When they shoot their film with one of these cameras, a filmmaker on a budget goes directly to their computer with the disk and start editing it using one of the many editing programs available that are affordable to our days such as Final Cut Pro. They can do all the work of post-production for their films on their computer at home as long as they are willing to take a load of the mother of their professional responsibilities.

Technology has made independent filmmakers to bypass many costly steps in the process of the film. Instead of paying a lot of people in millions of rupiahs an hour to film services are available only in cities like Jakarta and Bandung, they can now do all of these steps in the comfort of their own home on their own computer.

For anyone who has ever had a dream of making his own film, there's no better time than now to get there. The playing field was leveled in terms of technology, but also need a creative story to get anywhere on the festival circuit. Affordable equipment can be put down, but we must make a good game to win. A creative mind is your best player in this game, so if you have that part in charge of you are half way to make your vision a reality film. Feed your creative idea until it becomes a single script, then devote his life to making the script into a film. If your idea is as good as you think it is what you will do very well on the festival circuit. If this happens, could lead to a distribution agreement decent film. If you stick with it and keep making films that you can even find that you have made a career as a professional artist who makes independent films, and that dreams really can come true.


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