Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Film About Prophet Muhammad's Journey of Life

Hello beraudiovisual's friends. Shocking news coming from Hollywood, one of Hollywood producer who has produced the film "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Matrix" is reportedly preparing a Film Concerning the journey of the Prophet Muhammad. "To realize the plan of this epic film, Reuters said, will be given an injection of funds from a company from Qatar, Alnoor Holding.
Companies engaged in the field of entertainment services revealed it to spend approximately 150 million U.S. dollars with subtittle primarily use English. "The film will begin in 2011, with includes producer from America, Barrie Osborne, who had successfully spawned the movie" The Lord of the Rings "and" The Matrix ". "This film will not be showing images of the Prophet Muhammad, because it refers to the provisions of Islam," a statement from the party that was launched from page Alnoor Reuters.
"Currently the film is being developed and is conducting a number of talks with several parties movie studios, talent agencies, and film distributors in the United States and Britain." Meanwhile, Osborne explained the film will become an 'epic-scale production of international films that are directed to be a cultural bridge'. "The film was later expected to educate people about the true meaning of Islam," said Osborne.
But what kind of interpretation of Islam in perspective Osbourne is not specified in more detail. To be sure, Osbourne himself so far recorded as one of the famous producer who has pretty much produce Hollywood-quality movies and best-selling in the sale. Who will also act as the prophet Muhammad? as we know no one should show the face of our prophet or estimate the figure as to what, and how Westerners interpret Islam may be different too.
Further Alnoor also says it seeks to lure international stars are talented in playing the role of this film. Raja Sharif, vice president of international projects Alnoor, expect a number of agreements that have been initiated can be realized next year. He said it is not too ambitious and would like to hold a big film company. But Sharif's only target, working on movies that could later get a distributor with an extensive network access, sales agents, and complete supporting facilities against possible post-production and production processes.

Not the First Alnoor itself is a company engaged in the entertainment sector. The company has a focus in international film production, film production Arabs, and animation. They are also aiming to get suppression of its assets in Hollywood and British film industry.
Meanwhile, Qatar-one of the largest cities in the world who become exporter of liquefied natural gas-currently continues to fix itself in order to become intermediaries in bridging cultural differences in the region. Earlier this week, for the first time the Doha Tribeca Film Festival was attended by filmmakers, movie stars, agents, and distributir regional and international scale. Meanwhile, the film is trying to raise the story of Muhammad is not the first time performed. In 1976, Syriac-born director, Moustapha Akkad, never make it. At that time, Akkad film entitled "The Message". In the film's present n Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn, who plays himself as Hamza.
Whereas in 2004, Badr International Corporation never make it in the animated version with the title Muhammad: The Last Prophet. But the film is only a limited airing in 37 screens in the United States and Canada


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